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Weakened Eyesight? Try Chinese Herbal Medicine III


Hyperactivity of liver yang

Main manifestations

Eye dryness with excessive excretion, proneness to tear, and blurred vision.

Other symptoms may include thirst, bitter taste in the mouth, and inhibited defecation.

Diet recommendation

Jue Ming Zi Tea


Clears heat and calms the liver to improve eyesight.


Cassiae Torae Semen (Jue Ming Zi)      50g

Chrysanthemum                                 5g

Making methods

Rinse Cassiae Torae Semen (Jue Ming Zi) first, then use very slow fire to fry it till it turns bright yellow. After adding chrysanthemum and mineral water (1500ml), boil them together till 1000 ml water remains.


Drink the liquid as tea.

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