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Mulberry Leaf and Chrysanthemum Decoction (Sang Ju Yin)


Folium Mori(sang ye)10g,

Flos Chrysanthemi (ju hua) 10g,

Rhizoma Imperatae (bai mao gen) 10g,

Herba Menthae Haplocalycis(bo he) 6g,

Herba Lophatheri(dan zhu ye)10g.


Dispels the wind-heat, clears heat and promotes body fluids.


Wind-heat cold, headaches, cough, red eyes, pharyngalgia, fever, thirty, or slight aversion to cold.


Clear the above-mentioned herbs and put them into a teapot. Soak them with boiled water for 10 minutes. Drink the fluid as tea.


It is contraindicated for those with wind-cold cold characterized by headaches, severe aversion to cold, absence of sweating. 

Interpretation of the prescription

The prescription, characterized by the actions of cooling and dissipating, clears heat and does not damage yang qi, promotes body fluids and does not stagnate yin qi. Flos Chrysanthemi (ju hua) and Folium Mori(sang ye)are combined to dispel the exterior wind-heat,clears the head and eyes, clear and purge the heat pathogen in the lung and the stomach, and restore the descending lung qi. As an excellent herb to promote sweating, release the exterior and dispel the wind-heat, Haplocalycis (bo he), which cool in nature and acrid in taste, can reinforce the effects of Folium Mori (sang ye) and Flos Chrysanthemi (ju hua). Herba Lophatheri (dan zhu ye) which is cold in nature and sweet in taste clears heat, relieves vexation, promotes body fluids and urination, and guides heat to move downward. Being cold in nature and sweet in taste, Rhizoma Imperatae (bai mao gen) nourishes yin, relieves dryness and sore-throat, clears heat, promotes body fluids, as well as expels the accumulated heat in the lung and the stomach.

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