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PC 8 (Laogong/Láogōng, 劳宫)

English meaning    

Lao: labour;     Gong: palace.


At the region of the palm where the tip of the middle finger is reached with the fist clenched.


  • cardiac pain, irritability, manic-depressive psychosis;
  • mouth ulcers, bad breath;
  • coma from stroke, heat stroke
  • vomiting, fungal infection on hands;


Clears heart fire, refreshes the mind, opens orifices, relieves swelling and itching.


Perpendicular insertion of 0.3-0.5 Cun;



Tips Gentle moxibustion on the point of PC 8 (Laogong) to treat tinea manuum 

A 58-year-old man had suffered from blisters, scales, rhagadia, and severe itchiness on both hands, which came and went, for 24 years; the symptoms had worsened for two days. When he came to the clinic, there were symmetrical blisters, with reddish swelling base and no visible exudation, slightly thickened skin on the palms, local scars resulted from scratching. His tongue looked pale, with slimy coating, and tongue slow and slippery. In addition, he had loose stools.

Diagnosis: tinea manuum due to dampness lodged in the skin.

Treatment principles: warm and boost yang qi, expel pathogenic heat and purge toxin

Point selection: bilateral PC 8 (Laogong)


Use gentle moxibustion. ignite a moxa stick, place it 3-4cm (a distance that is bearable for the patient) above PC 8 (Laogong), keep the point warm for 20 minutes. When the patient came the next day, he reported that the itchiness was relieved remarkably and some blisters shriveled. Since then, he had received gentle moxibustion for 5 days, once a day. The reddish swelling subsided gradually. As the patient felt better, he came to the clinic every three days. After nine treatments, the lesions scabbed and fell off and the skin became normal. He was advised to be away from alkali liquid, keep hands dry, follow a light diet, and take no strong tea.

Theoretical Analyses

PC 8 (Laogong) is the Ying-spring point of the pericardium meridian of hand-Jueyin. The Chapter 68 of Difficult Issues (Nan Jing) proposes that Ying-spring point can be stimulated to treat fever. For those who suffer from the dampness-heat, moxibustion on PC 8 (Laogong) can outthrust pathogenic heat from the interior, purge toxin, open pores of skin to dry dampness in the pericardium meridian of hand-Jueyin; consequently,  meridians and collaterals are unblocked. Chapter 4 of Miraculous Pivot (Ling Shu) records that Ying-spring point can treat the diseases in exterior meridians. Because it is on hand, tinea manuum can be classified as pathological changes of exterior meridian. Because the pericardium meridian travels to palm center and because where the point is, where the indicated conditions locate, moxibustion on PC 8 (Laogong), for those who have cold from yang deficiency, can warm and boost yang qi, nourish blood, and promote the flow of qi and blood. This treatment addresses the root and the symptoms, enhances the healthy qi, and eliminates pathogenic qi. Compared with indirect moxibustion and direct moxibustion, gentle moxibustion raises temperature steadily, which ensures stable physical warmth on the points with mild stimulation.

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