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How to Use Yi-cups (Video)

This video will tell you how to use the Yi-cups.

TCM Practitioner Treats Dislocated Arm (Video)

A boxer who suffered from arm dislocation was under the treatment by the TCM practitioner. After the treatment, h......

Spine-pinching for Kids with Food Stagnation (Video)

Now, some kids always eat a lot, mostly the fried food. So their diseases are mostly induced by food stagnation. ......

5-minute Crafts Massage for Bow Family (Video)

Nowadays, more and more people bow their heads to work in front of the computer and bow their heads to play the m......

Do you know how to make Zongzi? (Video)

Today is Dragon Boat Festival in China to commenorate Quyuan, a poet in ancient China. On this day, Chinese peopl......

Massage (Video)

Ear Acupuncture for Allergic Reaction (Video)

The first treatment


Motional Needling for Knee Osteoarthritis

A woman had suffered from pain in the knee joints for 8 years. This was diagnosed as knee osteoarthritis. Western medi......